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شتريد من عندي يا دفان النجف؟

Hi, I'm Peixian.


My full-time job is writing Elixir. My part-time job is doing research on religion in conflict and post-conflict zones, mostly focused on Shi'a Islam in south Iraq. I did my MA at NYU about Shi'a clerics in Karbala. In undergrad, I did my bachelors in computational astrophysics at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In my free time, I'll write about various topics or be cycling around somewhere.

I keep track of all the books I've read on http://malloc.dog/books.

I also speak English, Mandarin, Iraqi Arabic, and Rioplatense Spanish.

You can reach me at [peixian [at] malloc.dog].

1. Meta

This site is built with org-page, using a theme called rosa. There's minimal Javascript, with only a small script to check if there's Latex content on the page, and if so, loads katex. All images are processed into a progressive JPEG with ImageMagick, and clicking on any image loads the full size.

You can get a general overview of what I write about in on the tags page (http://malloc.dog/tags), but that takes away the fun of clicking around.

2. Photos of My Cats