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It's been 4 years since I started maintaining a personal wiki. This page documents the tools used behind it.

The wiki can be found at The notes themselves are visualized in, like this:


1. Wiki

The wiki itself is based on top of, which I synchronize across computers using git and Dropbox. Once a day, a batch job uses to convert all the org-mode files into markdown files. Another Hugo batch job then converts the markdown files into a static website, using, which is a fork of My fork of Jethro's Hugo theme adds a dark mode, better search, as well as the ability to stack cards on top of each other allowing for parallel browsing like so:


It should be fully usable without Javascript as well, with hyperlinks directly linking to the next page.

The name عجفت الغور comes from an old Yemeni poem I read ages ago.

2. Graph

I previously wrote about the graph in, but I've made some significant changes since then. The key thing being adding a search tool that's statically served, as well as community labeling using an LLM. I'm prompting an LLM to come up with community names by feeding it the top 10 nodes within a neighbor cluster and generating it off of that.

Posted: 2023-12-01
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