Minor update, I've moved this server off of Google Cloud, and onto a Hetzner box based in Finland 🇫🇮. Hetzner will give you some incredibly good deals on boxes with their server auctions: http://hetzner.com/sb, which I think rent out decomissioned servers. For example, this new box is a big upgrade from the last one, where I was paying Google $30 a month for a 1 VCPU, 4GB of ram box. Now I pay Hetzner 40 bucks a month for a bare metal box, with 6 cores on a Coffee Lake CPU and 128 GB of memory.

An interesting thing that I can see now in my nginx logs is - - [07/Jul/2023:22:12:22 -0300] "GET /db/pg/metrics HTTP/1.1" 404 153 "-" "Prometheus/2.27.0" - - [07/Jul/2023:22:12:22 -0300] "GET /metrics HTTP/1.1" 404 153 "-" "Prometheus/2.27.0"

over and over again, it looks like this box used to host a Postgres DB, and somewhere out there is a Prometheus box trying to scrape information. Hope removes my box from their setup soon, since I don't have any way of getting in touch with them.

Posted: 2023-07-07
Filed Under: personal, computer