While looking for state funding information about University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (which the State of Illinois intent on making obtuse as possible), I chanced upon a dataset of trees owned by the city of Champaign. With nothing to do, I decided to do some analysis on this dataset. Let's tour through Champaign:

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This heatmap is composed through the trunk diameter of ~20,000 trees. The larger the trunk, the higher the intensity in the heatmap. The data revealed here isn't shocking, the area next to campus has a ton of trees, and there's other trees intersperced throughout various residential areas across champaign. Amusingly enough, Parkland College area seems to have a distinct lack of trees when compared to University campus, although I'm not completely sure if that's mirrored in real life or just an absence in data in that area. In theory, this should show where the largest trees are, although trunk diameter is not always correlated with how old the tree is.

Posted: 2016-03-24
Filed Under: computer